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We'll make your message clear and visible to your target audience

Stop being content with separate and chaotic digital marketing services. Successful businesses of the 21st century require complex solutions on all digital fronts. How do you start a new digital marketing story for the sake of profit?

  • 1 – You contact us with a request. See the form on this page.
  • 2 – We respond to your request and clarify the details.
  • 3 – DONE! Then we do the work, and you get the result.

Our approach is to identify your needs and find the best possible solutions, taking into account the available resources. We have a large team of experts in all areas of digital marketing, and each of them can be involved in the project taking into account the chosen strategy. Target Market Agency solves all kind of problems related to advertising campaigns and brand launch. We manage for you all online marketing channels. In result you will get income, recognition and brand awareness.

Our mission is to create customized solutions for clients in order to increase the profit and brand awareness of companies online in the best possible way.


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What We Do


Digital Strategy Marketing

We launch a new or lead an existing brand on the Internet until a sustainable presence and recognition is achieved. We build the structure of marketing channels taking into account 30+ parameters. You get an individual solution of online presence that will make you the industry leader.


Media Buying

You access a full range of media buying services. Our team of media buyers has been working for many years to present you an extensive experience and connections around the world today. Your message will find the right addressee.


Lead Generation

We know who's your clients. You just need tells us about your business, and we'll build your active client base from any starting conditions. SEO, PPC, Link Building, CRO, SEM, Social Media, E-mail Marketing etc: we have fresh ideas and old proven skills to build a line of customers near your products and services.


Software Development

We know how to improve the technical side of your business. We offer CMS, API development, CRM integrations. We know what you need and provide customized solutions as quickly as possible.



It's not enough for you to have good products and a website. The winner is the one who keeps the competition behind him. We provide analytical support for businesses to improve efficiency and increase sales. Services include competitive analysis, due diligence, split testing, web analytics installation and configuration, mobile analytics, and app analytics, and more.


Creative Services

The success of your business is not only about strategy and analytics. You need the right visuals and words to make any client understand your message. We have the right hands, minds and hearts in the Design and Content departments to establish communication and create a consistently positive image of your business.

Where does the leads come from?

Social Media

Social networks are a flexible tool for finding target audiences. Our experts love to use them to bring out the highly hidden categories of your potential customers. While people carefree scrolling news feeds, we squeeze out the maximum and more from the presence of your brand on Facebook, Instagram and so on.

Google Adwords & Bing PPC Ads

Contextual ads is another pillar of your brand's digital marketing presence. We provide product information in search engine advertising with the most relevant reach to ensure the best leads at the best price.

Native Advertising

Native Advertising is the new big thing and Target Market Agency knows how to do it well. Making ads that don't look like ads is an art that is available only to the best of the best. We have achieved many positive results in this field in order to bring you many satisfied customers from this advertising channel.

Display Advertising

Display advertising will not leave us soon. We get the most out of proven methods and build new, highly effective, audience engagement techniques to match the realities of the modern world. Target Market Agency can help you reduce the cost of quality leads through this channel.

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